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Barracuda Tandem Black

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A barracuda fly needs to handle lots of casts without fouling, and it needs a stinger hook. Probably 95% of the fish will catch on the trailing hook, and those that are hooked with the front hook are also often stuck on the rear hook.

Barracuda have a strong bite, and they could (and would) open the rear hook of a fly with zero drag pressure. It is therefore essential to have a well-constructed fly that has premium hooks and a connection that will withstand teeth and pressure from either direction. Our barracuda flies are mounted with premium Owner AKI hooks. A 2/0 in the back, and a 4/0 in the front. 

It is also better to shy away from flies that have hair bodies. The hair can wrap around the rear hook and keep it from tracking straight. Our fly has Mylar tubing over the body, so there is nothing to wrap around the back hook. 

It is essential to have an array of colors at your disposal. Having some “Specials” in pearl when it’s clear, and black when it’s overcast or when the water is off-color is a logical next step. Each of these colors has its day. 


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