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  • Micro Tubes
  • Plastic Tubes

    With a neutral weight flies tied on plastic bodied tubes will fish at the same depth as that dictated by your fly-line.

  • Hitch Tubes

    Although not widely used in the United Kingdom the practice of hitching flies is absolutely standard for much of the season in both Iceland and Russia’ Kola Peninsula. Far from being a gimmick this method of fishing for salmon is absolutely deadly

  • Copper Tubes

    Copper is the material most commonly associated with traditional tube flies and Salar flies carries a very wide range of patterns in all shapes and sizes

  • Aluminium Tubes

    Aluminum tube salmon flies sit in a relatively narrow niche in a salmon fishers arsenal but they are no less important for it. With just enough weight to ensure the fish just below the surface they compliment floating line conditions when you need to ensure that the fly is fishing at the correct depth, especially important if your focus is on ensuring the fly fishes correctly the moment your line touches the water. Aluminum tubes can also be hitched and are essential summer flies, especially useful on the Kola Peninsuala.

  • Tungsten Tubes

    With almost twice the density of copper tungsten tubes are superb for situations where it is imperative that your fly starts fishing at the correct depth as soon as possible after hitting the water – as important for low water fishing when you need to ‘drop’ your fly into a small deep pocket as it is for heavy and fast water conditions.

  • Loop Bottle Tubes