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Salmon Flies - SeaTrout Flies - Steelhead Flies - Saltwater Flies

Salmon Flies for sale which are manufactured by Shadow Flies one of the widest and most inspirational collection of classic and contemporary Salmon fly patterns available anywhere. Our salmon flies are tied to an exceptionally high standard on a wide range of hooks and are constructed to ensure that they are not only exceptionally robust but swim as beautifully as they look. The finished flies are close to being identical to those represented in the pictures on our website.

Salmon Flies - Atlantic

Salmon flies, listed online are continually under development and new patterns are introduced on a regular basis. This will incorporate a great many more classic & modern salmon fly patterns. Look out for our range of Norwegian & Russian salmon flies tied on Partridge hooks, exceptionally strong and robust and designed to deal with the real leviathans!

Steelhead Flies - British Columbia

Steelhead fishermen will find our new selection of very high quality flies tied on Alec Jackson, Mustad, Partridge and Owner hooks. These flies are of a quality rarely seen on either side of the Atlantic!

Sea Trout Flies - Argentina and UK

Sea Trout Anglers in the UK will find a newly introduced range of both modern Sea Trout and traditional Scottish Sea Trout patterns. For those traveling to Patagonia or Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, fishing for Sea Trout on the Rio Grande and Rio Gallegos Rivers we have the best collection of Argentinean Sea Trout Flies available.

Saltwater Flies – Cuba, Seychelles, Bahamas, Venezuela

We have been steadily increasing our range of Saltwater Fly patterns to meet our destination fishing anglers requirements from all over the world. 

Fly Tying 

Hand selected fly-tying materials used in the production of our flies are now available.  Ranging from tube components, luminous UV epoxies, to individually sized and dyed feathers including the new line of Loop products. New products are constantly being added


If you have an interesting fly pattern, whether it be a Salmon, Steelhead, or Sea Trout fly and would like to share it with the world and see it put into production, then please email a picture of your fly to info@shadowflies.com with any interesting information about where the fly is used, notable successes, its name and any specific tying instructions. If your pattern is chosen and goes into production we will provide you with a box of flies from our current collection and or a full selection of your flies across the size range

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